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4 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Home

Let’s be honest, most of us out there has some form of anxiety and we all experience stress pretty much every day. Taking time out of our days to re-center and focus on ourselves takes the time that we frankly don’t have and would, in turn, stress us out even more (Ugh! I’m stressing out just thinking about it!)

There has to be a way to bring peace, calmness, and serenity to our lives without it interfering with our busy schedules and a seemingly endless list of never-ending tasks.

Stress no more! Take a seat and enjoy these four ways to create a living space that reduces anxiety and eliminates stress.

Go Green

If you want to create a low-stress environment, add lots of beautiful plants and flowers to your living space. According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, house plants—especially flowering plants—help decrease stress levels. A cactus or succulent resting on a shelf or in a hanging planter. A beautiful, budding floral arrangement on a coffee table. These are a few affordable ways to refresh your home and melt away the worries of everyday life.

Take in the Aroma

While aromatherapy isn’t a ‘cure-all’ for anxiety, it does have proven effects as a stress reliever

and can work as a quick and convenient way to rid yourself of the tension you carry from the stresses of a hectic day.

One of the best-known essential oils in aromatherapy is lavender oil. This potent herb is prized for its calming effects on the body and mind, and for its ability to reduce anxiety. During a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, participants were exposed to a stressor prior to completing a memory task. Those who inhaled a lavender aroma prior to being stressed performed better than those who inhaled a placebo aroma.

Implementing natural oils like Lavender or Bergamot into your home is a great way to rid yourself of anxious feelings. You can achieve this by placing essential oil diffusers around your home or burning incense. Spray natural oils on your linens or bathe in natural oils and herbs. All of these are great ways to reduce stress and eliminate tension.

Less is More

Walking into a home full of clutter is the last thing you want after dealing with the endless must do’s and deadlines of the day. Coming home to see shelves cluttered with knick-knacks, unopened mail covering your granite, and toys disbursed along the floors can cause more anxiety, adrenaline crashes, and frustration. Short of hiring Marie Condo to organize your space, these are some practical things you can do to eliminate clutter and reduce stress.


As my sister always says, “everything has its place.” If you want to rid yourself of the stress you feel when you look at your cluttered shelves or messy dining room table, organize! Say goodbye to all the things you know you don’t need. Remember there is no need to add more to the mix. Sometimes less really is more.

Try taking some stuff off your shelves and countertops. Replace them with a simple photo or inspirational art block and some beautiful plant life. Just remember that when you’re looking to reduce stress in your home, a little goes a long way. Apply this to your decorating and it may just help you reduce stress.

“Art Washes Away From the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life”

Yes, de-stressing is an art within its self. But, let’s take that to another level and add art to the mix. What am I saying? Simply add art pieces throughout your home. Find art that inspires you, encourages you, and moves you. Adding a simple word of encouragement or bible verse art piece to your desk or walls can serve as a peaceful reminder that life may be tough but you are tougher.

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