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Decorate your home, they say. It’ll be easy. If you’re anything like me, the inside of your head looks like this…

Struggling Creative

I consider myself to be creative but sometimes I have so many ideas that I just don’t know where to start. Enter Pinterest. Holy macaroni, that glorious little search bar saved my wardrobe. But, while I was looking SO fly, my home was another story.

How do I begin to determine what my style is? Midcentury Modern? French Country? Farmhouse? Ugh. I can watch HGTV ’til the cows come home but I still end up staring at my walls wondering which neutral shade of gray (and there’s at least 50 [see what I did there]) I should go with.  So, I decided to look at my home the same way I look at my closet.  While you’ll still have your daily mind-splosions, I’ve come up with 3 easy steps to dress your home and keep you on track.


Pick one statement piece and go from there. Found a chair at Homegoods that you love? Or a rug at Target that you can’t live without? Boom. Start there. I recently got to re-decorate my living room. I bought a rug from Ross that I loved but had no clue what else to do with the room once I put that bad boy on my floor. Pinterest to the rescue! I searched ‘blue living room rug’ and, VOILA!

Guess what my living room looks like now? In your face Joanna Gaines!


If you don’t recognize that lyric than we can’t be friends. I digress. Make it personal. Your walls provide the best canvas to showcase what you’re all about. Have a thousand family photos that you want to show off because you don’t get enough attention on social media? Slap those suckers up there. Then invite all 23 of your Insta-followers over to give you a personal “like”.

Into sappy sayings?

Barf. But, you do you. Decorate your walls so all your pals can see how much better your relationship is than theirs. Feeling artsy? Pick a super cool complimenting post or art print that will tie your super sweet layout together. I have this print from ArtPrintJoy.com (duh) hanging in my living room.

Just kidding…it’s in my husband’s office. I framed this one in my living room.


It’s up to you!! If you’re not feeling your finished product, don’t fret! You can always switch it up. I can’t tell you how many items I’ve brought home thinking it would be a perfect fit, only to be disappointed that it didn’t work. There’s no need to stress. That being said – KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!! For the most part, retailers are pretty lenient on returns and exchanges. But you’ll want those receipts in case you happen upon a “Karen” at the checkout. You know who you are, Karen.

So, what have we learned? Hopefully, to not freak out about home décor. I mean, don’t we have WAY more important things to worry about? Keep it simple. Make a statement with a statement piece, make it personal, and don’t be afraid to make changes.

OR you can take this well thought out advice from my 5-year-old son when asked how to decorate your house:

“We paint it, and then we need some bricks, and then we paint the bricks. THEN we need tile and sometimes rugs. ANNNND, also, decorate with maybe toys and lizards and bombs and plants”.

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