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7 Simple Solutions To Decorate On A Budget

If you think I’m crazy for suggesting that you can decorate your home or office on a budget, you’ve never met my wife. You see, I’m a 31-year-old graphic designer and website optimization expert residing in Tampa, Florida. My typical workday includes hours of answering emails, building and optimizing websites, communicating with my clients, and managing projects. I have very little time to focus on anything else, especially decorating my home. My wife, on the other hand, is a bit more in touch with her interior decorating side. In fact, it’s a passion of hers. So, like any smart husband does when he needs advice, I asked my wife what we could do to decorate our home on a budget. Here’s what she said.

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How To Get Organized

It’s hard, I know—but keeping your space organized has a profound impact on budget decorating. No matter how well your place is decorated, you can always improve it by organizing. Build a desk, shelves or closet doors for an inexpensive way to get your clutter out of sight. For tips and tricks on optimizing your space to reduce stress, check out this awesome article.

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Find Items To Repurpose

After figuring out our decorating budget, it was apparent we needed to come up with some other options. After contemplating our next move, my wife suggested the unthinkable: Why not repurpose items we already have lying around the house? “That’s witchery”, I thought to myself. But, after spending just 15 minutes looking through boxes and closets, we quickly discovered a few seemingly untouched items we forgot about that could be repurposed and reused in our journey to decorate on a budget.

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Shop Second Hand

Some of my favorite home decor pieces have come from shopping second hand. Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and neighborhood yard sales are a few places you can buy second-hand items. Not only can you find one-of-a-kind items at these locations, but you can also save a ton of money on antiques, vintage products, and even modern pieces. The key here is to actually look. It’s easy to enter a Goodwill and leave after just a few minutes of not finding anything. Take your time, pick up items, and go in with the intentions of leaving with a few items to use.

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Color Your World

Sure, paint is expensive relatively speaking. But it’s actually an easy way to spruce up your home or office affordably. One can of paint will likely be enough to cover the walls of a decently sized bedroom or even a living room space. For thirty to forty bucks, you can find a unique shade of paint color that will accentuate your home decor and make a dull space look vibrant. Who said we can’t decorate on a budget?!

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DIY Your Decor

If you’re anything like my wife, “doing it yourself” is not only an option but a chance to use your creative skills to decorate your home. As a creative herself, my wife is constantly looking for new DIY projects to turn our living space into a habitable and enjoyable one. Creating custom picture frames, repainting furniture, rearranging items, or crafting a DIY sign are all ways you can decorate on a budget and have some fun.

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Start Somewhere

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay. It took us several conversations to finally muster up enough confidence to choose a room to decorate. Take a breath, think about it for a bit, and choose a room to start with. Start small and work your way out. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can decorate your home on a budget even if it takes some time.

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Find Affordable Art

Artwork can sometimes be expensive. At ArtPrintJoy, we offer beautiful artwork printed on high-quality, matte stock art print paper for a look you can’t find anywhere else. But guess what? Our prints start at just $9.99. And we’re not the only ones doing this. For forty to fifty bucks, you can find a few essential art prints or posters to use in your designs.

As you can see, decorating on a budget isn’t all that difficult. Choose a place to start and begin your journey to decorating on a budget.

For more tips and tricks on how to decorate on a budget, leave a comment and let’s chat!

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