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6 Art Print Tips for Spring That’ll Inspire the Interior Designer In All of Us

Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping; flowers are being planted; cars are stained with pollen, and homes are being refreshed and redecorated.

In the spirit of Spring, I’m offering up six art print tips to bring your space to life by adding personality and excitement to your blank and boring walls.

Let’s get excited, start a conversation, and bring Spring to life with these six art print tips from yours truly!

Color Rules Everything Around Me.

When decorating for the seasons, colors are everything! Invite vibrant hues into your space—such as Pantone’s Living Coral, Aspen Gold, or Fiesta—to add seasonal flare that pops! Find art prints that feature these bold colors to make your space feel more alive. Here are some examples from ArtPrintJoy for your inspiration.

Size Matters.

When it comes to buying art print posters, size matters! ArtPrintJoy lists the dimensions and provides real-world photos, so you can see what it’ll look like before you buy it. Larger wall space allows for buying larger art prints or buying more, smaller art prints to fill the space. Just make sure the art print fits the wall space before you click that buy button.

Who Done It?

In most cases, we wouldn’t recommend framing your friends. But since art prints are our friends, we’re kind of in a pickle. At the cost of framing our friends, turn any beautiful art print into a stunning featured art piece using frames, hangers, or other options.

Minimalism Is In.

Just like the weather during the changing seasons, trends ebb and flow. In Spring 2019, minimalism is in! Minimalist art prints offer separation from otherwise busy spaces and draw attention to the shapes and colors featured on the prints. If you don’t think minimalism is your thing, maybe you just haven’t found the right minimalist art print yet. Check out these minimalist art print posters by ArtPrintJoy for inspiration.

Quote It If You Can.

Throughout history, some pretty awesome people have said some pretty awesome things. We think it’s pretty cool when those words are printed onto awesome art prints. This way, you can bring your space to life with inspirational quotes printed on beautiful art print posters.

Get Funky With It.

We like dancing. Do you like dancing? Did you know your walls can dance? All you’ve got to do is get funky with it. Don’t be afraid to play around with quirky art prints for those awkward walls you just want to liven up. If anything, it’ll break the ice next time you invite your office staff over for a drink.

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