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5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Vacation Oasis

Everybody enjoys a good vacation.

You’ve been working hard, killing it at your profession and the kids need something to do with their endless energy. The house may need cleaning but who cares about that when you just want to sit on a tropical beach sipping Mai Tais! You may not be able to retreat from life just yet, but you can still toss your worries to the wind. Sit back and grab that Mai Tai, anyways. And, hey, don’t think twice about putting your partner in a cabana boy outfit. For the next 3 minutes, you can just relax as I share with you my 5 tips for creating a relaxing vacation oasis in your home.

Breathe In The Aroma

Everyone recalls scents that take them back to a happy place or time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle up that special moment and bring it with you? Well, you sort of can! One quick and affordable way to kick off your vacation oasis home project is to add scents that relax you or ignite a sense of nostalgia. If your idea getaway is on the white-sand beaches of Tulum, or any other tropical location, implement fragrances of sea salt. Paired with the subtlety of light and sweet floral notes, you’ll feel relaxed and breezy like your favorite spot.

Spa Daze

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing day at the spa? Getting waited on and pampered while enjoying an out-of-body massage. Seaweed wraps; oh, how I love a good seaweed wrap. The best brunch a girl could ask for. Okay, I may be getting a little carried away. Short of hiring a private chef and personal masseuse, there are still plenty of quick and affordable ways to give your bathroom a five-star spa makeover.

Fluffy oversized white robes are a great place to start when you’re looking to bring your favorite vacation oasis indoors. Relaxing candles that emit notes of lavender and eucalyptus can calm the nerves and melt away anxiety. Replace your showerhead with an oversized RainShower. The water will feel like Heaven as it cascades down your body like a religious waterfall experience after a long hike. Another way to give your bathroom the spa treatment is by replacing the flat shower floor with a pebble tile. The texture of the soft stones will massage your feet as you drift around in the shower.

Be One With Nature

It’s in our DNA to crave nature. Hiking Zion National Park triggers a feeling of peace when we’re one with the surrounding nature. Relaxing on a tropical beach in Hawaii stirs up a sense of freedom that wraps us in relaxation. There’s a force that lies within us that feels at peace when we satisfy the undeniable call to nature. The good news is, we don’t have to leave our homes to be one with nature. Add living plants and wild cut flowers into your home to invite in the freshness of nature. The bright and colorful hues will naturally liven up your mood and put you in that vacation mindset. And don’t stop at the fresh plants. Try adding other elements of nature into your home. Raw woods, beautiful stones, and plenty of fresh natural light to nourish you and your loved ones with copious amounts of Vitamin C.

Post It Up

One thing my husband and I love to do every time we take a vacation is to buy and bring home a piece of art from that special place. It not only allows us to bring back a memento of the great memories we built on that trip, but it also gives us the opportunity to bring into our home elements of other cultures. Whether it be a beautiful art print, a unique statue, or an antique book you find at a roadside shop on your way to Nantucket- find something special and sprinkle it into your home’s interior design to bring your vacation experiences back with you.

As I said, my husband and I have certain things we look for when visiting another place. Things we bring back into our homes. Whatever speaks to you or gives you the gift of a wonderful memory, buy it and bring it back!

Create A Cozy Oasis

There’s nothing like checking into your room at that fancy $300-a-night resort and opening the door to your room to find a big, lush, comfy, crisp white linen bed covered in fresh, fluffy pillows. You find yourself diving directly into the cloud of comfort and that’s pretty much where you stay for the first hour upon arrival. Ah, the relaxation feels so good and you never want to leave. Except, that’s not reality (for most of us). If you’re looking to give your home that final vacation touch, try turning your bed into a cozy oasis for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Sleep is everything. Invest in high-quality, comfortable bed linens like Egyptian or Supima Cotton. My personal motto is, you can never have too many plush pillows. A good nights sleep does wonders for the mind and body so you should spare no expense when it comes to your rest.

Enjoy Your Stay

So maybe you can’t jet off to that tropical paradise just yet. The beautiful snow dusted Alps of Switzerland may have to wait a while. But, that should never hold you back from relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoying the 5-star experience right at home. You save some money along the way, you’ve added value to your home and you’ve created the perfect vacation lifestyle. What more could you ask for? Just don’t forget the Mai Tais.

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