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4 Rules To Live By As An Artist To Help Unlock Your Creativity

Any artist, whether they be world-renowned or yet to be discovered, can attest to the stress and frustration that happens when you become creatively blocked. That blank state creeps up on you and just like that the “masterpiece” you had been working on soon becomes scraps. How can you unlock your creativity? How do you combat the dreaded “creators’ block”?

As a digital designer, I feel the full weight of each ebb and flow that comes along with creating art. I’ve experienced the intense highs of seeing a piece of art come to life, and I’ve felt the tumultuous lows of being creatively blocked. So, what can you do when you find yourself at a standstill? Take a look at these four rules to live by as an artist to help unlock your creativity!

Fun Is the First Rule

Sometimes the only rule you need to remember when creating art is to just have fun!

When you focus on solely on creating and leave the stresses of success or perfection at the proverbial doorstep, you’ll begin to see magic and beauty unfold in real time. The inspiration you felt when you first started creating will reignite in your bones and you’ll no longer feel “stuck”. So, remember, just have fun!

Perfection Is A Useless Endeavor

It’s important to remember when creating that it’s more than okay to not be perfect. Creating an art piece with imperfections creates a unique character that comes out in each art piece. Stay funky. Get weird. But, for all intents and purposes, never chase perfection. When you do, the love of art withers away like a flower without rain, and frustration takes over. Perfection is a useless endeavor no matter how you cut it.

Spend Some Time With Yourself

It’s important as an artist of any sort to carve out time for yourself. Find, feel, and experience inspiration. And there are many ways you can do this. Get lost in the world of Pinterest; take a stroll through a beautiful park; meditate; visit a museum; watch people in the park. However you find inspiration and creativity, do exactly that. Or, try it all until you find your inspiration. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just as long as you’re carving out time to spend with yourself.

Step Outside Your Box

Talk to any artist and they will tell you that they have a certain style. Some are abstract artists, others are inspired by contemporary arts, and still, other artists are minimalists and so forth. Although you may have a niche style yourself, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Trying a new style in your art will nurture growth in your talents and offer you a challenge that will benefit your work in the long run.

So, Make Your Life Easier…

There are so many ways to unlock creativity as a creatively “blocked” artist or someone who just wants to try something new. Give these four rules a shot as part of your day to day process and you may just see some new and exciting things come forth in your work.

Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below, share it with your friends and family, or email me at Courtney at artprintjoy dot com.

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