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21 Ways To Turn Your Dorm Room Into Your Chill Spot

Dorm rooms are small. And college is hard. If you want to turn your dorm room into the ultimate chill spot that you can use to quietly study, retreat from the hustle, or bring your friends back to, then here are 21 ways to turn your dorm room into the ultimate chill spot.

Maximize Your Dorm space

Use these photos to get creative with ways to maximize your dorm space. 🛋️

Create A Kick-Ass Wall Collage

Make your walls your own with kick-ass posters and other art that inspires you. 🖼️

Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV)

Every student needs a vinyl record player and a few good records. 💿

Keep It Smelling Fresh

Open flames are a no-no but dorms get stinky. Instead, use an organic air freshener or flameless wax candles. 🕯️

Make Your Mama Happy

Your dorm room is your sanctuary. Clean it! Seriously. You’re grown now. ✨

Add A Dimmer Lamp

“Dimmer lamps” let you choose how much light you want in your dorm room. 💡

Designate A Charging Station

This way, your chargers won’t get lost and your devices will stay charged. 😮

Invest In a Mini-Fridge

For late-night munchies… and also to store your favorite drinks. It’s a must. 🥛

Use Sorting Baskets

Stay organized by using baskets to sort your stuff. Books. Socks. Whatever. 🗃️

Stay Comfy

Bring the stuff that makes you comfortable like your favorite blanket or pillow. 🛏️

Stash Your Own TP

Don’t laugh. You’re going to want to stash your toilet paper somewhere safe. 🚽

Buy A Lockbox

For the private things, you don’t want your dorm mate to find. #noshame 🔒

Bring A Sleep Mask

For those times you want to rest when your dorm mate is awake. 😴

Add Some Greenery

A few living or artificial plants can add life to an otherwise boring dorm. 🌵

Cancel Out the Noise

Keep noise-canceling headphones close for drowning out the world when you need to. 🎧

Rearrange Your Furniture

Space is limited. Play around with your furniture placement to find the best layout. ⛺

Get A Lap Desk

Lap desks are great for those times you want to study in bed or on the floor. 💻

Put Down A Rug

This is a great way to add some life to your dorm room, affordably. 🤙

Keep Essentials Close By

Use a badass bed organizer like this one to stow away your stuff without getting up.

Invest In Artificial Noise

Noise-canceling machines help to drown out the never-ending murmurs of dorm life.

Use Hanging Organizers

They’re going to be your best friend when you want to store stuff you want to get to quickly.

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